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The No-Fad Diet

by Mergynette G. Mercado, RND

Nutritionist, Aegle Wellness Center

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When years of poor diet and lifestyle suddenly take their toll on our weight, physical appearance, and overall health, the irony of our human nature is to opt for the "quick fix." Well, who wouldn't want fast results in the easiest way possible?


As they say, desperate times call for desperate measures, leading us to extreme methods of dieting. Have you consumed shakes, juices, or any artificial product that can help you dramatically lose weight in just a short period of time? Have you tried following an eating cycle that specifies periods of eating and fasting? Have you experimented with a diet that significantly limits calories, or a diet that completely restricts or focuses only on certain food groups like carbohydrates, fat, protein, or sugar? If you answered yes to any of these questions, were you able to achieve the too-good-to-be-true result it promised you?


While these diets may help you jumpstart your weight-loss goals or improve your body image, they do not guarantee long-term benefits for your health and weight management because they fail to offer sustainable and healthy eating strategies that fit your personality and lifestyle. More often than not, these fad diets offer temporary weight changes that have a quick reversal once the diets are abandoned, which usually leads to trying another fad diet promising amazing results.


Take the next step to break the cycle of yo-yo dieting. Look for a program that's designed to deliver personalized, science-based, comprehensive, and effective methods of improving one's health through nutrition. At Aegle Nutrition Science, for example, we focus on your macro and micronutrient needs with consideration of current physical activities, medical history, and food habits and preferences to achieve your personal nutrition and fitness goals. In other words, the exact opposite of a "one-size-fits-all diet." Aegle's licensed nutritionistdietitians, together with its world-class medical team headed by integrative medicine pioneers Dr. Benedict Valdecañas and Dr. Ruby Magpantay, will help you craft a bespoke health plan focused on feasible lifestyle changes. At Aegle, we see food and diet as not just for losing weight but also to heal, prevent, and delay the onset or worsening of diseases.

The program starts with a thorough one-on-one assessment of your eating habits, current diet, and body composition. Individualized nutrition education and goal-setting are done to help you achieve your nutrition-related goals—whether they are related to weight management, athletic performance enhancement, food sensitivity management, or disease management—or simply for guidance on healthy eating. An evidence-based post-consultation is also provided to assess your progress.

For inquiries and appointments:

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This article was originally published on Alphaland Atmospheres Issue No. 7

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