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On a wet Saturday evening at the end of July, on an island called Balesin, guests started pouring in like rain to the newly opened Aegle Wellness Center at Balesin Island Club for its formal inauguration. 

After just four months of construction and nearly two months of soft operations, the Asia-Pacific region's most comprehensive wellness facility is ready to deliver its promise of state-of-the-art, customized health care. 

Based on the practice of preventive medicine, Aegle Wellness Center’s programs focus on diagnostic testing that predicts possible illnesses a person may develop due to his or her genetics and lifestyle habits.  Each client who walks in Aegle’s door assumes a proactive stance towards his or her own health.  Not only are vitamin and nutrient deficiencies addressed through bespoke supplementation, tissue damage in the body brought about by years of degenerative wear and tear are also reversed through the Center’s myriad ageing-management treatments such as the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, radio-frequency collagen activator, and a complete line of intravenous or IV therapy solutions.
Gracing the momentous occasion was Aegle's renowned international medical consultant, Dr. Claude A. Chauchard of La Clinique de Paris.  Based in Hong Kong, Dr. Chauchard has authored numerous books on the chrono-geno diet and helped create Aegle Wellness Center’s nutrition and weight management protocols.  He also inspired the development of a number of programs specifically tailored for the local populace.
The evening began with tours of the impressive facility, with its multitude of treatment rooms and thalassotherapy pools.  Cocktails were served in the facility’s healthy food restaurant Ambrosia, named after the food of the mythological gods, with Aegle's chairman Anna Ongpin receiving and entertaining the guests. The highlight of the evening was a short program that not only introduced Aegle’s world-trained medical staff, but showcased the prestigious Center’s Health Subscription plans. Aimed at providing a total preventive health care program for its subscribers, the plans ensure seamless disease prevention and lifestyle enhancement through the Center’s customized programs.

For information on Aegle's therapies and programs or Health Subscription plans, please contact​

Yours in good health,

Dr. Ben Valdecañas
Medical Director
Aegle Wellness Center

Aegle Balesin And

The Dawn Of Preventive Medicine

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