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The Best Diet For You

By Mergynette G. Mercado, RND

Nutritionist, Aegle Wellness Center

There’s been a long-standing debate on what should be considered the perfect diet. Is there really such a thing as a perfect diet? There are numerous diet programs available worldwide—from therapeutic diets like ketogenic and diabetic, to intermittent fasting, vegetarian, Paleo, and more. Almost all of the diets that exist claim to be superior to the rest, and it can be overwhelming to decide which one is worth trying.


But in reality, there is no superior diet. More specifically, there is no single perfect diet that works for everyone. Just as human fingerprints are unique to every individual, the perfect diet for each person is based uniquely on what their body needs. With Aegle Nutrition Science’s customized programs, finding the perfect diet for you has never been easier.


Aegle Nutrition Science’s Customized Nutrition Programs utilize personalized, science-based, and comprehensive methods to effectively improve your health through nutrition. These programs focus on adapting sustainable and healthy eating habits not only through your macro- and micronutrient needs, but also your current physical activities, medical history, food habits, and food preferences. Together with your nutritionist-dietitian, you will work on effective strategies towards making sustainable changes in your dietary habits and discover what works best for you.

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1. Personalized Nutrition Consultation

All programs start with a one-on-one consultation with an Aegle nutritionist-dietitian at your convenience, in person or through video call. The consultation covers not only weight management issues, but also enhancing athletic performance, supervising food sensitivities and allergies, managing diseases, and providing guidance on healthy eating.


Price: Php 1,500 + VAT


2. Aegle Jumpstart Nutrition Program

This 30-day program starts with a series of one-on-one sessions with your Aegle nutritionist-dietitian, who will help you with the changes you are about to make in your health through diet. This includes an initial consultation consisting of diet analysis, initial and final Body Composition Analysis test and assessment, individualized nutrition education, and goal-setting. Weekly follow-up appointments are also included to keep your goals aligned with your customized nutrition plan. The program also helps increase diet awareness by making use of an Aegle nutrition journal. Finally, a post-consultation will be conducted to gauge the progress made within the duration of the program. This personalized program is designed for effective short-term actions for sustainable success.


Recommended for: Sustainable short-term actions

Price: Php 3,000 + VAT

Cooking Eggs

3. The Aegle Standard Nutrition Package

This 90-day comprehensive program will help you consistently reach your diet goals by focusing on mindful eating and sustainable healthy food choices. In addition to the features of the Aegle Jumpstart Nutrition Program, this package includes a grocery store tour, pantry makeover, and cooking workshop. The one-on-one home consultation will teach you the basics of reading a nutrition label, while the cooking workshop is a great way for you to learn to prepare your usual home-cooked dishes the healthier way. These sessions will help you enjoy food items you crave without feeling guilty, by switching to healthier alternatives.


Recommended for: Diet overhaul

Price: Php 6,000 + VAT


These programs can be upgraded to fully maximize your experience by adding massage packages for exercise and athletic recovery designed specifically for your post-workout session, and premium Aegle Aesthetics slimming treatments. Massage therapy supports not only exercise recovery, but also mental and emotional well-being. Aegle Aesthetics’ body reshaping and remodeling, with the use of Aurora Radiofrequency—a safe and non-invasive slimming treatment—will further enhance your natural beauty from the inside out.


Rather than falling for the latest trends and quick-fix diets that don’t guarantee long-term results and health benefits, invest in your total wellness with Aegle’s customized diet and nutrition programs. Being successful in your diet means making sustainable lifestyle changes for the better. Let Aegle Wellness Center be your partner in finding that perfect diet, customized for you.

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Mergynette “Yna” G. Mercado, RND

Ms. Mercado specializes in nutritional counseling and customized nutrition program development. She provides a practical approach to diet-related health matters, including weight management, food allergies and food sensitivity management, athletic performance enhancement, and disease management. She also focuses on food quality and quantity improvement, eliminating nutritional deficiencies, developing healthy recipes, and calculating food’s nutrition content. She advocates for nutritional awareness and mindfulness in addressing factors that affect one's overall health.  

She believes and practices a client-centered approach, along with evidence-based and habit-based approaches to nutrition therapy. She is passionate about helping people build a good relationship with food and sustain a positive lifestyle.

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