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Dear Members and Guests,

First, let me express my gratitude to you for attending the inauguration of the Aegle Wellness Center in Balesin; your presence made it more successful.  Despite the rain, which many said was a sign of good fortune, you all came and celebrated with us what I would refer to as a paradigm shift in the practice of medicine and the institution of healthcare in our country.
Now that Aegle Wellness Center in Balesin Island Club has formally opened its doors, let me talk about the primary focus of our wellness practice:
preventive medicine.  As  I mentioned during the launch, we bring our children to their pediatricians for well-baby clinics; they are routinely checked, examined, and vaccinated if need be.  So why not have our well-adult clinics?  This comes at an opportune stage in our lives when the degenerative process starts wearing us down, and for valid reason.  Just like the importance of protecting our infants from diseases as they are introduced into the harsh environment we live in, we as adults should be more concerned with the effects that this same environment has wrought on our bodies.  That is exactly why we sign up with health maintenance organizations for our annual executive checkups, in the hope of detecting an early sign of disease before it becomes progressive.
But nowadays, early detection is just not enough!  Now we can predict disease even before it sets its deathly claws upon us.  What do we do when we see the results of our annual checkup indicating we have skyrocketing cholesterol levels?  How do we go about living the rest of our lives when our ultrasound results show that we have a fatty liver?  Where do we go from the treadmill stress test that we flunked?  These and many more questions are answered by the programs we, at Aegle Wellness Center, tailor-fit to your unique system and current state of health.  On that same drizzly, providential evening in Balesin, Aegle Wellness Center launched Aegle Health Subscription Plans aimed at taking very good care of its members and their families.


  • Aegle Health Subscription Plan diagnostic tests are mainly blood-based, making them not only convenient, but quick, accurate, and more comprehensive; medical science has identified at least a hundred markers in our blood that serve as predictors of disease.

  • Unlike your typical annual executive checkup, the plans do not stop at the reporting and interpretation of your test results; we then customize each package to guide you on how to modify your diet, plan your regular exercise program, and advise you what you need to take for your supplements.

  • Regular consults with your doctor, nutritionist and personal trainer are built into the packages so that no one falls out of the program, and your health and progress are monitored more closely.

  • The design of each package takes into consideration not only present statistical trends of today's lifestyle diseases, it is put together based on how a doctor himself would want his health monitored, his functions enhanced, and his longevity maximized.

Along with this letter, we are sending the presentation for that evening that provides an overview of the subscription plans. Additionally, in the souvenir kits you were given during the event are the introductory monograph folder of Aegle Wellness Center, a detailed outline of the Aegle Health Subscription Plans, a USB drive containing more information about one of the most advanced health facilities in the world that is Aegle, a description of our other health programs, and a publication by one of our most satisfied clients, Mr. Tony Lopez, editor-in-chief of BizNewsAsia.  We hope that you will find these materials helpful in getting to know your new partner in preventive health care, Aegle Wellness Center.


The special introductory rates for the subscription plans are valid through August 31, 2016.  Please do not hesitate to contact us* for further information. 

Yours in health,

Dr. Ben Valdecañas
Medical Director
Aegle Wellness Center


*Dr. Ben Valdecañas

+63 977 806 1413


*Melvin Cadampog

+63 918 371 7342


*Anna Ongpin

Thank You For Joining Us

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