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Thalassotherapy, from the Greek word for “sea”, makes use of the components of this element of the Earth for medical treatments including weight loss, detoxification, anti-ageing, and regeneration; these components include the seawater itself, mud and silt, algae, and seaweed, as well as coralline minerals.


Aegle-Balesin is the only facility in the Philippines and one of very few in Asia to offer thalassotherapy. Our thalasso treatment facility includes saltwater whirlpools that use  seawater. Since seawater is the closest element on earth to human blood, our thalassotherapy helps repair surface blemishes on the skin and wicks out toxins, and by enhancing the pool treatments with different substance wraps that cake the body with mud from the pelagic zone of the ocean, morselized or whole algae and seaweed, or sea salts, the body is cleansed of toxins, and minerals and elements lost are replaced directly into circulation.

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