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Sound Healing with Rosan Cruz

Urban Energy Healer 

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Did you know that music is one of the oldest forms of healing? Sound therapy is proven to help relax, improve one's mood, and even enhance the quality of sleep by clearing and calming the mind. Discover the healing power of sound with Rosan Cruz on Wednesday, March 11 at The City Club’s Multipurpose Studio, 5th floor, Alphaland Makati Place.

Admission is FREE! You will be enveloped by the sounds of the gong and a tuning fork for an hour to clear your mind from racing thoughts and anxieties, returning it to a state of harmony and balance.

Don’t forget to bring your yoga mat.

For inquiries: +63.2.8737.0077 | +63.917.821.9795 | +63.949.889.6237 |

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