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Provide your body with the specific vitamins and minerals that it needs through supplements prescribed by our physicians


Your health and genetic makeup are unique—your supplements should be, too. You can get bespoke supplements, the right medication in the right doses, with the help of our physicians and pharmacists. We administer tests to determine which particular micronutrients—from vitamins, to elemental minerals, to amino acids—your body needs based on your unique profile. Your Aegle physician interprets your results and prescribes only the supplements your body needs, because not everything it needs is in your diet no matter how well-balanced you think your meals are.


Aside from bespoke supplements, we also offer pre-compounded supplement packs formulated for specific purpose

Immune Booster Packs
A unique combination of supplements with the highest levels of vitamins B12, C, D-3, E, and zinc—all working together to ensure that your immune system functions at its best.

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