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An executive checkup program that does not stop at just releasing test results but provides guidance through an interactive health maintenance program focusing on prevention.

Annual and semi-annual thorough diagnostic tests incorporated in 3-day detoxification programs in Aegle Balesin, with outpatient follow-up blood tests every 3 months (quarterly).

• Four diagnostic testing sessions a year:

Two 3-day wellness packages in Aegle Balesin and two follow-ups at Aegle City Club

• 48 personal exercise training sessions (once weekly)

• 12 nutrition consults with meal plans and online coaching

• 12 physician consults

• 12 hyperbaric oxygen therapy sessions

• 12 intravenous therapy sessions

• 4 colon hydrotherapy sessions

Diagnostics covering the following:

• Functional analysis (body composition, general vascular status, autonomic nervous system stress response)

• Blood analysis for micronutrient deficiencies

• Organ function tests (liver, kidney, digestive and metabolic)

• Hormone analysis

• Urinalysis


Medical evaluation and assessment, including health and lifestyle modification


Nutrition assessment and meal plan recommendations.

Exercise program recommendation and instruction.

Evaluation of exercise progress every two weeks for possible modification.

Monthly follow-up with physician and nutritionist.

Program incorporates detoxification and regenerative treatments utilizing monthly

hyperbaric treatments, intravenous solutions and quarterly colon hydrotherapy.

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