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by Philippine Tatler | May 16, 2017



This program is designed to introduce you to some of the latest medical treatments that can reverse the effects of ageing, enhance your vitality and provide you with more energy. The program includes in-depth diagnostics, anti-ageing therapies, detoxification, nourishing and relaxing treatments that will leave you feeling young and rejuvenated.


  • Health consultation with an integrative medicine physician

  • Medical diagnostics and screening: blood chemistry, complete blood count, body composition analysis, metabolic analysis, hormone pro ling, plethysmography, live blood analysis 

  • Green smoothie breakfast, healthy 3-course lunch, and afternoon tea 

  • 1 x hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) 

  • Choice of 1x intravenous vitamin (IV) therapy or colon hydrotherapy 

  • 1 x massage therapy 

  • Use of herbal pools, steam room and sauna


Aegle Balesin facade.jpg

Massage therapy

This massage lulls you to sleep as the skillful therapist gently strokes key pressure points of the body to relieve muscle tension and stimulate blood circulation.

Steam therapy

Steam therapy stimulates blood circulation, which promotes muscle relaxation, treats cellulite, eliminates fats and toxins, and moisturizes and enhances skin tone.


Herbal soak

An aromatic bath that blends organic herbs to increase the body’s level of magnesium and sulfates to the bloodstream through the skin. A relaxing way of helping the body unwind, providing a sense of overall well-being.




To schedule a consultation, please call +63 949 889 6237 / +632 737 0077 or email: for an appointment. | 

A Day of Total Wellness

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