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Now Open to Serve You: AEGLE DRUGSTORE

by Benedict Francis D. Valdecanas, MD
Medical Director, Aegle Wellness Center

When was the last time you had severe rashes from something you ate and wondered where the nearest drugstore was for the fastest-acting anti-allergy medication?  Was there a recent incident when your child ran out of his asthma maintenance meds and you couldn’t wait until the following day for the nearest pharmacy to open, fearing he might have an attack that night?  Did you ever wonder how to get some flu medication when you’re too weak to get out of bed, wishing the neighborhood drugstore would deliver to your residence?

Fear not, because Aegle Drugstore aims to solve all those problems; your friendliest neighborhood pharmacy is now just a call away and a few steps or elevator ride away from your home or office!  We aim to fuse the functional convenience of your neighborhood pharmacy with a boutique feel where you can not only browse the products we offer, but have an intelligent conversation with our well-trained pharmacists on any topic pharmaceutically related.  Will this drug interact with my maintenance medications? What are the long-term side effects of this product? Will this medicine interfere with my functioning in the office? Our pharmacists are ready to discuss these and any other concerns you may have.  And in a relaxed, comfortable environment at that.

Named after the Greek goddess of radiant good health and wellness, Aegle Drugstore endeavors to serve not only the residents and tenants of Alphaland Makati Place, where it is conveniently located on the ground floor, but all the surrounding residential and commercial establishments as well. 

Its boutique shelves carry the usual pharmaceutical goods we commonly find ourselves in need of at the most inopportune hours, and nutraceutical products and herbal supplements are offered as well.  Its services include sales of over-the-counter products and prescription medications, delivery within a half-kilometer radius, pharmacology and lay health discussions and inquiries, access to both local and global pharmacopeia, and more.

We believe that the medicines you need should be readily available at the friendliest prices, and that all consumers should be well educated about, and at ease with, medicines prescribed them by their trusted physicians. Think pharmacy plus vitamin store plus health shop right next door!
Aegle Drugstore... Your boutique pharmacy at friendlier prices!

For inquiries & suggestions: (Ms. Lorna Robes is store manager for Aegle Drugstore)

Dr. Benedict Francis D. Valdecañas

Dr. Valdecañas is a specialist in regenerative medicine research for both hospital-based programs and clinical applications. He utilizes the latest findings and innovations that molecular biology has to offer in optimizing health and human performance through customized micronutrient supplementation, personalized exercise programs, and careful attention to diet and nutrition.

For inquiries & suggestions:

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