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Jonalyn Mae B. Besande, PTRP

Ms. Besande is a dedicated and evidence-based licensed physical therapist who advocates for preventive medicine and ensures that her clients are in control of their own well-being in order to reach their wellness goals. She received an award for academic excellence for being the most outstanding physical therapy student and a certificate of distinction from the Chicago Methodist Senior Services as a commendation of her excellent undergraduate and internship performance. She was also a recipient of the Fulbright Global Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship in 2016.


International training in Sports and Exercise Science courses at Kent State University, Ohio, USA, where she also received a Merit Page


Clinical rotations in Philippine General Hospital and Lung Center of the Philippines

Handled the University of the Philippines’ Baseball Team during UAAP Season 80 


Mariano Marcos State University

Kent State University

Languages Spoken



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Sports Medicine

Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

Body Composition Analysis

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