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Dear Members and Friends,

From our last wellness talk, You and Your Genes, in May: "All diseases are both genetic and environmental."  Being careful about how we expose ourselves to our environment can vastly change the manifestation of our genetic design. The most significant factors in our surroundings are the unseen toxins that lurk in everything about us, both externally and internally—i.e., the food we eat.

This month, learn to recognize the many threats that we may have been overlooking in our homes, our workplaces, and our kitchens, and find out how we can not only avoid them, but reverse and neutralize the harmful effects that may have accumulated in our bodies from these invisible villains.

Join us on Thursday, June 29th for yet another animated and educational discussion on how we can very well manage the toxins in and around us.

Yours in preventive health,

Benedict Francis D. Valdecañas, MD, MSc, FPOA, FPCS
Medical Director
Aegle Wellness Center

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It's Not You. It's Your Toxins.

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