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How to Make Your Holiday Indulging Guilt-free

by Jonalyn Mae Besande
Aegle Registered Physical Therapist

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In the days leading up to the holidays—whether you choose to stay at home or attend Christmas gatherings with your loved ones—one of the highlights of this merry season is centered around indulging in food, especially in dishes and sweets you don’t usually eat. The idea of "overeating" is oftentimes forgotten during the holidays as everyone enjoys sharing conversation and making memories over delicious food. But to some people, saying "yes" to every type of food passed around the table isn’t easy without feeling guilty, especially when they follow a strict diet on a regular basis.

But set aside this feeling of guilt, and don’t dwell on how you indulge this Christmas season; give yourself permission to enjoy the food but at the same time engage in fun activities that can help you burn your extra caloric intake. The last thing you want to experience during the holidays is extra stress.

Staying active during the holidays not only helps you avoid weight gain, it also instills consistency in habits, concentration, and mental agility, which you will need as you resume your usual habits after all the merriment. Below are some tips to stay active over the holidays.

  1. Prepare your holiday workout plan and share it with someone you’ll spend it with. Your workout plan should match your destination. If you want a simple yet heart-boosting workout, the following exercises can be done anywhere: High-intensity interval training: 30 seconds of exercise; 10 seconds rest for 3-4 rounds.

  2. Bring comfortable workout clothes and wear your athletic or comfortable shoes as much as possible. Keep your workout essentials handy so when you find a 20-minute window in between gatherings, you can go for a quick run or walk.

  3. Prepare simple workout essentials you’ll need to have a worthwhile holiday grind. A resistance band or yoga strap is an excellent and travel-friendly exercise tool.

  4. Meditate. After your workouts, recover from stress and release anxiety by setting aside 10-15 minutes of private time for you to focus and reflect on your thoughts.

How can Aegle help you?
Aegle physiotherapists can help you in creating a personalized workout plan for the holidays. Learn proper exercise techniques that match your specific needs so you can start planning for an active holiday with Aegle's bespoke Sports Science programs.

This article was originally published on Alphaland Atmospheres Issue No. 9

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