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Dr. Eleanor C. Agustin, RP

Dr. Agustin is a licensed psychologist who has been in practice for over 15 years. She has experience in both clinical and corporate settings, consulting for clients of diverse backgrounds. She focuses mainly on behavioral problems, emotional difficulties, stress-related issues, and psychological disorders. She adapts to the needs of her clients, and utilizes emerging  trends in psychology when necessary and appropriate. She firmly believes that to feel balanced, peaceful, and empowered, one must become a person who is capable of accepting and dealing with personal problems and challenges.


Psychotherapy for a variety of clients including individuals, couples, and families

Personality and soft skills development

Behavioral management for employee recruitment and training


Former Chief Operating Officer of Makati Medical Center College

John Robert Powers Life Coach

Consultant Psychologist, Ruben Bartolome Medical Clinic

Certified Gestalt Life Coach


Miriam College (Formerly Maryknoll)

De La Salle University

Randy Dellosa Life Change Recovery Center

HZB School of Culture and Public Diplomacy

Philippine Women’s University

Languages Spoken




Psychological Association of the Philippines

Philippine Mental Health Association, Inc.

American Psychological Association

Related Services

Psychological Testing and Assessment

Pre-employment Psychological Evaluation


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