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The term ‘wellness’ is heavily associated with spas and aesthetic clinics, not only in the Philippines but in the international scene as well. By definition, wellness pertains to the absence of disease and encompasses the superficial concerns of the senses-pampering treatments of most wellness centers around the globe.

The usual lifestyle of the average working individual does not prioritize health. As popular wisdom goes, the average individual works hard to earn and attain wealth, only to spend every cent he has earned on medical bills and maintenance medications upon reaching his twilight years. The use of the male noun gender in the preceding sentence is deliberate; the average human male life span is a clear 30% less than that of his female counterpart.

Don't Call It A Spa

Benedict Francis D. Valdecanas, MD | June 9, 2016

The direct association of illness and disease with one’s lifestyle has been clearly established for years. But a majority of those who eventually realize this are still at a loss. How does one go about modifying one’s lifestyle?  Where does one start?  What are the things in one’s lifestyle that one needs to change first if one can only change one or two at a time?  With these introspective questions come more universal ones. Can disease genetically passed on to you by your less lifestyle-conscious parents still be prevented from developing?  And once diagnosed, can it still be reversed or at the very least be stemmed from progression?

These and other questions concerning one’s health and longevity are the very seeds of Aegle Wellness Center’s conceptualization. Although all, and I mean ALL, diseases are both genetic and environmental, most of these diseases can be prevented from developing even in an individual who has it in his genes. In the science of epigenetics, the study of the genetic basis of diseases and how the environment affects them, this relationship is often described as genes being the loaded gun and the environment as being the finger that pulls the trigger. A common example is diabetes; even with both parents being diagnosed diabetics on numerous maintenance sugar-lowering meds, their children can possibly not develop diabetes if they maintain a diet low in simple sugars (short-chain carbohydrates). Yes, just by limiting one’s intake of rice, bread, and pasta, and instead eating complex carbohydrates like starch from root crops and cellulose from fruits and vegetables, one can surely keep diabetes at bay for the rest of one’s health-conscious life. Similar measures can be adopted for high blood pressure, heart disease, and even cancer!

And how age-degenerative you currently are through hormonal and neurotransmitter assays. It is important to know your bodily levels of toxic metals from the environment; heavy metals can damage your organs without you even feeling anything. Knowing what food substances your gut uniquely reacts to, and how to avoid them in your daily diet, can help keep inflammation away from your digestive tract, thereby preserving good bacterial balance.
From the results of these and many more advanced testing procedures, Aegle physicians, nutritionists, and exercise physiologists can help you come up with the most healthy lifestyle program that includes everything from a daily meal plan to safe exercise routines to micronutrient supplements customized only for you.

Interestingly enough, the last two decades have seen an explosion of health consciousness as baby boomers are diagnosed with lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. And this consciousness about one’s own health has cascaded down to the next generation of younger, more aggressive professionals who end up getting diagnosed with these similar illnesses at a much younger age. This spread has been so viral, pardon the pun, that with it came a global movement of exercise-pumping, vitamin-popping, vegetable-gorging young millionaires.

It is this kind of wellness that Aegle Wellness Center aims to champion. Knowing full well that you wouldn’t know everything about how to practice being healthier, we can show you through cutting-edge diagnostic medical tests where to

start. Our gene test can reveal what disease lurks just around the corner. Your present health status is evaluated through blood cellular, chemical and immunologic analyses. 

Since Aegle Wellness Center is present both at The City Club in Makati and at Balesin Island, you can start your health and longevity experience in the middle of a busy work week or while taking a breather in the island paradise.
In one of my newsletters I mentioned lifestyle modification can be as simple as ABC; A- avoid toxins, B- be more active, C- choose a healthy diet. Avoiding environmental insults (e.g., second-hand smoke, lead-laden canned goods, and insecticides) is easy once you know what to avoid. This is where the thrust of Aegle Wellness Center on lay education comes in; we hold regular lay forums tackling different topics pertaining to health. Being more active is facilitated by our exercise physiologist working with you and our physicians to design an exercise program tailor-made for your unique body composition, capabilities, and goals. And choosing a healthier diet becomes second nature to you with the help of our clinical nutritionists.
The need for a facility to meet the fast-growing consciousness about preventive medicine has come of age. When Aegle Wellness Center opened in Balesin barely a month ago, we introduced different programs to initiate awareness about the health and wellness concept. There is our 7-Day Week of Wellnessdesigned to diagnose, relax, detoxify, and build you up from your degenerated self.

Our 4-Day Natural Wellness program, as with all our programs, begin with diagnostics, then flows naturally into treatments intended to detoxify and energize for yet another week of urban battle in your corporate world. We also have a 1-Day Taste of Total Wellness program intended for those who are spending just a weekend in the island paradise but don’t want to miss out on the health benefits that Aegle at Balesin can infuse them with. These are just a few of the exciting programs that Aegle Wellness Center can set you off on as you face a healthier life ahead of you, whether you are busy working in the city or have time to take a health-oriented break in Balesin Island Club.
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Dr. Benedict Francis D. Valdecañas

Dr. Valdecañas is a specialist in regenerative medicine research for both hospital-based programs and clinical applications. He utilizes the latest findings and innovations that molecular biology has to offer in optimizing health and human performance through customized micronutrient supplementation, personalized exercise programs, and careful attention to diet and nutrition.

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