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Dear Members and Friends,

Your new year's resolution would not be complete without taking into consideration the entire mind-body-spirit axis of health and wellness. This month, begin 2017 right by learning to use mind and emotion equally through the power of mindfulness, as we bring you the latest in Aegle Wellness Center's series of wellness forums that are not only educational but inspirational and motivating as well.

As Tony Robbins frequently mentions in his book Awaken the Giant Within: How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Destiny!, listening to the mind more than the heart, or the heart more than the mind, can make one not only lose track of life goals but may often lead to actual physical illness. Guiding us in finding our own balance is none other than Bhante (Venerable) Sujatha, a globally experienced Theravadan monk from Nepal who is a sought-after speaker all over the world. He will discuss the value of using mindfulness to conquer that which freezes us not only in our career paths but in our relationships as well.

Join us on Monday the 9th of January at The City Club Auditorium, Alphaland Makati Place at 6 PM for a life-changing experience that will help you maximize your focus, health and success for 2017. 

Yours in preventive health,

Benedict Francis D. Valdecañas, MD, MSc, FPOA, FPCS
Medical Director
Aegle Wellness Center

Wellness Education Forum For January

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