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Using protocols from evidence-based medical publications to help cancer patients not only survive chemotherapy, but also fight the cancer with their own immune system, the Aegle Cancer Management Program includes carefully formulated intravenous supplementation partnered with administration of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).

What is cancer?

Cancer is one of the most dreaded of diseases. It causes cells to mutate and multiply uncontrollably and thus become abnormal. Cancer is considered to be the second leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the world.


abnormal cells are present

that may potentially

develop into cancer


early-stage cancer;

the cancer is only

in one small area


cancer has already

spread into nearby tissues

and lymph nodes


advanced or metastatic cancer;

the cancer has already spread

to other parts of the body

How is cancer treated?

To date, the gold standard of cancer treatment remains to be chemotherapy, a medical protocol of giving intravenous or oral medications meant to eliminate fast-turnover cells. However, the body also contains normal fast-turnover cells, such as hair, nail, and immune system cells, that are affected by this treatment.

Intravenous supplementation

Cancer patients can require as many as 10 times more micronutrients, and a sick gut due to chemotherapy cannot guarantee proper absorption of nutrients no matter how well-balanced a patient’s diet is.


How does intravenous supplementation work in fighting cancer?

Intravenous infusion of high-dose vitamins and minerals ensures full absorption and utilization of much-needed micronutrients for the body to support its immune system, heal itself from the damage from chemotherapy, and minimize the adverse effects of chemotherapeutic drugs.


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)
Cancer cells thrive over normal immune cells in areas of the body not much reached by oxygen. Regular hyperbaric oxygen exposure helps one’s immune cells fight cancer cells more effectively.


How does HBOT work in fighting cancer?

Our body’s tissue requires adequate supply of oxygen in order to function effectively. When the body is damaged by chemotherapy and radiation, adequate oxygen supply does not reach the damaged area, thus the body’s natural healing process is compromised. Exposing the body to high-pressure, high-concentration oxygen delivers the much-needed amount of this life-giving gas to the areas of the body otherwise deprived of it in a normal breathing atmosphere. Oxygen, therefore, helps in creating stronger immune cells against cancer. According to Henry’s Law, oxygen dissolves more in the bloodstream in increasing atmospheric pressures. Thus, through HBOT, oxygen delivery throughout the body does not have to depend solely on one’s red blood cells.

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