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Aesthetic Technology


IntraGen is a popular, non-surgical monopolar radio frequency treatment

machine we use for skin tightening and non-invasive contouring that can safely,

effectively, and visibly rejuvenate the skin. It works by targeting collagen contraction and

further stimulating new collagen and replenishing depleting collagen as we age to

bring back the skin’s elasticity, strength, and suppleness.


Multixel is a CO2 laser equipped with a fractional scanner for ablative treatments of

skin regeneration. Its effect is strong stimulation of the skin regeneration process and

skin reconstruction through intensified synthesis of collagen. After the treatment

with Multixel, the skin looks smoother, firmer, and evenly toned.


The workhorse of Aegle Aesthetics, the fourth-generation Fotona laser is a versatile machine used in a variety of anatomic treatments, from skin rejuvenation to scar and blemish elimination to snoring correction. 

Aurora Radiofrequency

Radiofrequency technology makes use of an electrical current, typically with a frequency

in the megahertz (MHz) range. This delivers harmless heat directly into the target tissue,

increasing metabolism and hastening repair. The Aurora machine delivers this targeted healing heat specifically to the collagen in the skin, reversing age-related unwinding of this molecule and tightening it.