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Aegle Wellness Subscription Program

Aegle Wellness Subscription – you get a dedicated Physician, Nutritionist, Nurse, Psychotherapist, and Exercise Physiologist, who will develop and guide your wellness journey based on your body's unique needs and help you incorporate impactful habits and therapies into your lifestyle.



Your own dedicated Medical Team composed of Physician, Nutritionist, Nurse, Psychotherapist, and Exercise Physiologist


Medical consultation with clinical insights on how your unique body composition responds to physical, mental, and emotional stress


Complete Diagnostic Blood Tests to measure your state of health and determine what you can do to improve your well-being

Inclusive of:

  • Hematology - get a clear picture of what your body needs to function at the cellular level

  • Serum Chemistry - learn how your body is currently handling your metabolism and detoxification, and what you can do to make it more efficient

  • Hormone Profile - through your different hormone levels, see how your body is ageing and what it needs to go through this process more gracefully

  • Urinalysis - learn how efficiently your body is eliminating its wastes and toxins, and what you can change in your diet to make this safer and more efficient


Consultations at any time during office hours with your dedicated Aegle Physician


Nutrition consultations and guidance with your dedicated Aegle Nutritionist through bespoke meal plans.


Customized exercise program designed by your dedicated Aegle Exercise Physiologist for your biophysique; including fitness interpretation of Body Composition Analysis, and current fitness & posture evaluation


Individual mindfulness consultations and lifestyle coaching sessions with your dedicated Aegle Psychotherapist


Use of the 500-sqm City Club gym and access to The City Club restaurants 


Optional Colon Hydrotherapy session to jumpstart your detoxification from the organ level up


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy session to provide your body with the most essential element crucial to healing: pure oxygen


Immune Boost IV Therapy session to ensure that your body has everything it needs to ward off bacterial and viral infections.


A wearable Fitness Tracker and Blood Pressure Monitor to help relay to us, your dedicated preventive health partner, your vital health information on a daily basis


Referral services to international medical specialist partners when needed

The Aegle Wellness Subscription program
offers you the most comprehensive, effective, and convenient way
to safeguard your health and wellness, and
enhance the quality and length of your life.



A fantastic bargain at just Php 10,000 per month
Minimum six months

Make it a family journey to wellness—additional subscriptions for your spouse or child are just Php 5,000 per month

Here's what people have said about Aegle:

I am a believer that prevention is better than cure and Aegle definitely delivered that. Aegle made me experience natural wellness from within by letting me understand the deeper analysis of my body. With their expertise and my consistency, I can achieve my goal of being mobile and staying healthy both mind and body until my golden age.


I already recommended Aegle to my family, relatives and friends and they are as well a testimony to its effective wellness programs.


Let me take this opportunity to thank Dr. Ben Valdecanas and his team for practicing their profession with honesty and dedication. 


Aegle is a wellness clinic that we can rely on.

- Sheryl, 45
Aegle Wellness Subscription Program Client

For more information or to subscribe, please contact us at
+63.917.306.8910 | +63.917.821.9795 | +63.949.889.6237

Aegle-Makati: Monday to Sunday
8 AM to 8 PM

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