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Dear Members and Friends,

Wellness Forum
(February 23)


People who habitually surf the Internet for health advice face a constant barrage of confusing, sometimes outright conflicting information.  And that is true of information on heart disease, one of the most common conditions plaguing us.  One day, a respectable online medical publication claims cholesterol should be kept at lowest possible levels by statin medications, then the next day another equally respectable medical journal states that cholesterol is not the culprit in heart attacks and strokes.
Let us help you sort all the information out there on how to really take care of your heart with a true heart-to-heart talk this month of hearts with our Aegle specialist Dr. Louie Valencia.

Wellness Workshop
(February 24-26)

How many times have you been advised by your surgeon to lose weight for the sake of your back and knees?  Have you been instructed by your endocrinologist to modify your diet lest you end up with diabetes and all its deadly complications?  Were you ever told by your internist that your stress level is so high that you are ageing much faster than you were genetically meant to?  Did your cardiologist just tell you to exercise regularly for your heart's coronaries, which are now 50% blocked?
Though we all want to heed the advice of our doctors for our own health benefit, we most often find ourselves lost and do not know how to make heads or tails of their vital advice.  How does one begin to exercise regularly?  What do I need to change in my daily diet to prevent diabetes?
Take your health in your own hands!  Let Aegle Wellness Center's resource professionals take you through lifestyle modification 101 as we offer a full workshop focused on empowering each and every one with the basics of how to steer your health into the straight and narrow direction of longevity and quality living.
Reserve your slot for this rare opportunity to learn from a number of our Aegle professionals who have proven themselves international experts in the arena of health care.  And where best to absorb all this valuable learning than in the naturally beautiful Balesin Island Club?

Yours in preventive health,

Benedict Francis D. Valdecañas, MD, MSc, FPOA, FPCS
Medical Director
Aegle Wellness Center

Aegle Wellness Forum And

Wellness Workshop

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