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Aegle Sports Science

Aegle Sports Science’s Customized Physiotherapy Programs utilize personalized, science-based, and comprehensive methods to effectively improve your health through a bespoke exercise plan and guided training at The City Club gym. These programs focus on the design of your required physical activities and how it enhances your performance, from the cellular level to whole-body perspective. Together with your Aegle Sports Science experts, you will discover your ideal physical state and learn techniques to sustain a healthy you.

With the goal of identifying your current personal health status and wellness and health-specific needs in mind, our physiotherapy programs start with a consultation with an Aegle physiotherapist. Your subjective description of symptoms and goals will be thoroughly followed by an in-depth physical assessment, including a series of scientific tests and measures to identify your present state of musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and neurological health.


1. Basic Physiotherapy Package

There will be a one-on-one consultation with your Aegle physiotherapist, a Body Composition Analysis (using a cutting-edge machine that assesses your current body fat percentage, segmental and overall lean muscle mass, and visceral fat level), guided goal-setting, and program planning. Aside from a gym tour on your initial consultation to get you acquainted with our exercise equipment, you will also be instructed on the best physiotherapy techniques for you. This package also includes one personalized exercise session based on your body’s specific mechanics, including carefully selected exercises effective for your condition.

Recommended for: Clients with cases that don’t need close supervision from physiotherapists and can exercise at home


Price: Php 1,500 + VAT

2. Standard Physiotherapy Package

The Standard Physiotherapy Package includes the basic package inclusions with an additional one-month customized training plan designed specifically for you by your Aegle physiotherapist. This one-month customized training plan will serve as your exercise guide, including frequency, intensity, time, and type of exercises best suited to your lifestyle. 

Recommended for: Clients with sustainable and non-major cases, independent physiotherapy clients, and clients engaged in a lot of travelling who do not have time to be at the gym for exercise


Price: Php 2,000 + VAT

Physiotherapy-guided Training

The following packages are recommended for clients who need more intensive physiotherapy guided training. In these programs, you will have access to the facilities of The City Club gym and physiotherapy modalities of Aegle Wellness Center:

8-session Physiotherapy-guided Training (1 month)

In addition to the inclusions of Aegle’s Basic Physiotherapy Package, Aegle’s 8-session Physiotherapy-guided Training includes biweekly sessions with our physiotherapist as your personal trainer. This extensively customized program is designed to encourage you to engage in activities and lifestyle changes that are aimed at preventing non-communicable diseases and improving your overall health and well-being. Afterwards, an additional post-program Body Composition Analysis will be done to assess your progress and improvement.

Recommended for: Clients with acute injuries for monitoring and clients with lifestyle diseases

Price: Php 9,600 + VAT

12-session Physiotherapy-guided Training (1 month)

This Aegle physiotherapy package features the most comprehensive training to keep you consistently engaged with more sessions—a thrice-a-week physiotherapy program for a month—all guided by your Aegle physiotherapist to ensure proper form for optimal results and to improve existing performance while avoiding further injuries. This package will help you increase awareness of your physical activities with guidance from your physiotherapist. A post-program Body Composition Analysis will assess your level of improvement.

Recommended for: Clients with acute injuries for monitoring, clients with lifestyle diseases such as morbid obesity, and clients with cases requiring more frequency of training 

Price: Php 12,000 + VAT

For inquiries and appointments: +63.2.8737.0077, +63.917.821.9795, +63.949.889.6237 /

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