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Aegle Balesin Executive Medical Checkup 

(Exclusive offer for Balesin Island Club members and guests)

We're all familiar with the annual medical checkup, which you undergo to catch any developing illness early on. With the help of your doctor, the checkups allow you to nip disease in the bud.

Normally you have your annual executive checkup done at your preferred hospital, as it typically entails preparations done overnight. But now that we are in the midst of this pandemic, you may have been postponing it or maybe have just had a very basic, cursory checkup since you aren't comfortable going to a hospital.


How would you like to have your executive checkup while enjoying your vacation at the same time? 

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Aegle Wellness Center in Balesin has designed a comprehensive executive checkup package available to members and guests that can be done while in your favorite vacation spot, Balesin Island Club.

Aegle Balesin's Executive Medical Checkup package includes everything we, as your doctors, need to diagnose any developing illness or even the minutest deficiency and imbalance through our extensive bloodwork and functional diagnostics. Not only that, we have designed our testing methods so as not to interfere with your vacation.

The package includes:

  • Blood tests

    • Complete blood count and differential analysis

    • Liver function markers (SGOT/ SGPT)

    • Kidney function markers (BUN/creatinine)

    • Lipid profile (total cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL, LDL, VLDL)

    • Metabolic markers (blood glucose, HbA1c, proteins, uric acid)

    • Tumor markers (lung, colon, pancreas, liver, gallbladder, prostate, ovary, breast)

    • Hormonal profile

  • Functional tests

    • Body composition analysis (BCA)

    • Plethysmography for Autonomic Nervous System Stress Response Analysis

    • Electrocardiography

  • Other tests

    • Chest x-ray

    • Direct spectrophotometric analysis for micronutrient deficiencies and toxic metal analysis

The typical scenario: Towards the last day of your stay on the island, we give you an extra villa night free of charge, advise you to fast overnight (abstain from food and drink, but with water allowed), and schedule you for these tests at 8:00 AM the next morning in the comfort of our island facility. 

After your blood extraction and functional testing, you get to wind down with a healthy breakfast smoothie while enjoying a dip in our renowned thalassotherapy pools. 

thalassotherapy (2).jpg

After a week, you come and see us at our convenient city facility at the Alphaland City Club in Makati for a full interpretation of your results with your Aegle physician. During this consultation we will also provide you with recommendations for your personalized supplements, a meal plan professionally curated by our nutritionists (who will also guide you through it), and an exercise program designed by our sports medicine specialists in the context of your functional analysis results. We will also refer you to our specialists when necessary, based on your results.

All of this for a fraction of what you would normally spend in a hospital setting—
Php 53,000

So before your next Balesin vacation, book an executive checkup with Aegle Balesin through:

Aegle Wellness Center - Balesin

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