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Achieve Your Weight Goals with Aegle Wellness Center

Learn how you can manage your weight efficiently and effectively

with Aegle's Achieve Your Weight Goals program.

Aegle's world-class medical team composed of physicians, nutritionist-dietitians, physical therapists, and medical technologists are ready to assess and monitor your health with you, as well as plan the right food and exercises customized for your body's specific needs.

  • Four consultations with a nutritionist-dietitian and two mindfulness sessions with a psychologist

  • Bespoke nutrition plan

  • Bespoke fitness training plan

  • Four sessions with a physical therapist + complimentary use of the gym during physiotherapy sessions

  • Two Body Composition Analysis sessions

  • Nutrition Journal

Php 4,500

25% off the standard rate of Php 6,000

Add Php 4,000 to get the following:

  • Blood chemistry

  • Wellness consultation with an Aegle physician

  • 10% off on bespoke supplements

  • 20% off on select Intravenous (IV) Drips (Weight Management Support IV Drip and Supplementation IV Drip—depending on the doctor’s recommendation)

Terms and Conditions:

1.  The date of the first consultation, not the date of purchase, will mark the start of the program

2.  The first consultation should be scheduled within 30 days of purchase

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