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A Bespoke Diet You Can Stick To

Faced with a multitude of available dietary options to follow, people usually just pick the easiest and fastest one and hope it delivers results. However, standardized diets do not work optimally for everyone due to differences in people’s current state of health.

Dedicated to providing the best preventive health and wellness services in the country, Aegle Wellness Center ensures that your unique nutritional needs are addressed in order to keep your body’s functions and performance at their optimum level.

Aegle offers Aegle Nutrition Science—customized nutrition programs designed to keep your health in prime condition through proper nutrition planning. These programs centralize sustainable healthy eating habits not only through monitoring your macro- and micronutrient needs, but also by taking into consideration your medical history and dietary habits and preferences, as well as guiding you through the physical exercises best suited to supporting your journey to wellness.

Through these programs, your customized dietary goals will be achieved with the help and guidance of Aegle’s nutritionist-dietitians.

Personalized Nutrition Consultation

This package includes one-on-one consultations with an Aegle nutritionist-dietitian, discussions about your weight management issues and enhancing athletic performance, navigating food sensitivities and allergies, managing diseases, and providing guidance on healthy eating.


Consult Aegle Wellness Center’s nutritionist-dietitians for a bespoke nutrition program

Aegle Jumpstart Nutrition Program

Upon consulting with your Aegle nutritionist-dietitian, you will embark on your personalized dietary plan for your overall health for the next 30 days. This process involves analysis of your current diet, initial and final body composition analysis testing and assessment, individualized nutrition education, and goal-setting. You will be following weekly appointments to keep your goals aligned with your personalized nutrition plan. To keep you on track, you will be provided with an Aegle nutrition journal. At the end of the program, a consultation will gauge the progress that you have made. This personalized program is designed for effective short-term actions for sustainable success.


Learn more about your body’s water, fat, bone, and muscle mass with Aegle’s
body composition analysis

The Aegle Standard Nutrition Package

If you need a diet overhaul, the Aegle Standard Nutrition Package offers a comprehensive 90-day program that will help you consistently reach your diet goals via mindful eating and sustainable, healthy food choices. Together with the features of the Aegle Jumpstart Nutrition Program, you will also have a grocery store tour, a pantry makeover, and a cooking workshop with your Aegle nutritionist. These one-on-one, personalized home consultations will help you form your habit of healthy living by enabling you to understand nutrition labels as well as prepare healthy home-cooked dishes. 


Learn how to prepare healthy home-cooked dishes

Aegle Nutrition Science programs start at Php 1,500+.

Aegle Wellness Center is a state-of-the-art integrative health and wellness center purposely set in two complementary sites: a five-star city center facility and an exclusive island resort setting, to nurture and sustain its unique wellness programs. Aegle is devoted to the maintenance of health through cutting-edge technology from the basic sciences such as cell physiology, molecular biology, and human genomics.

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